Musings by Matt Spencer and LeRoy Johnson
The sort of things that keep one up at night...
So, you found our little site.
Now, let's see what you've won!
You've won a life time supply of bovine manure sprinkled with some witty remarks and interesting topics!
You also win two points of view on all the major issues of the day!
You do not win a copy of our home game, but they're telling me that is in the works.
You might be wondering, who runs this site and why should you, a very important reader, care?
First of all, I am the smiling face of this internet Janus. My name is LeRoy Johnson. I'm a young, white male enjoying all of his white privelages while sitting in a little white corner at a small white desk in a junky one bedroom apartment (which is also white).
I love to write (I'm willing to bet you read that as white). I'm writing all the time, even whilst I slumber (you should see the dreams I have). It is a pleasure to make your aquaintence!
The other writer here, the surly frowny face, is Matthew Spencer. Soon to be known all around the world (and I will edit this when he is), this man of many words hopes to one day publish a couple books and sell a few screen plays. Matthew is very ambitious and has a long history in the writing industry as well as some civil work. In a way, he is my mentor, and I hope you will all allow him to be your mentor as well.
So here you are. What you do next is completely up to you, but a strong and unseen force is beconning you to browse the entire site tonight. Right now.
Farewell, way worn traveler!